2021 Instructional Resourses

2020 Off Season

Week 5

Week 5 Plays

Week 5 Play Notes

Week 4

Week 4 Plays

Notes to Week 4 Plays

Week 3

Here is the link to the 2020 IFOA Offseason Week 3 Video Form.

Here is the link to my notes on IFOA Offseason Week 3 Video.

Week 2

Week 2 Zoom Recording

Here is the form for Week 2: 2020 IFOA Offseason Week 2 Video

Here are the results from member responses to the Week 2 Plays

Here are my notes to the Week 2 plays.

Week 1

Here is the link to this week’s 2020 IFOA Offseason Plays: IBB

Here are the results from members answers to the IBB plays

Here are my notes on the IBB plays

Technology How to Videos

Here is a resource to remind you of the terminology and concept around Call Calibration

Here is a video to remind you how to use Google Forms and make the video larger.

Here is Gil Rodriguez Zoom Tutorial

2019 Instruction

2019 Presentations

Steve Coover Presentation – Expectations of Excellence

​Francisco Villar Presentations – Holding

Rod Ammari Presentation – Professionalism and Preparing for the Game

Tim Gloudeman Presentation – Growth Relationships

​Charlie Chastain Presentation- Big Hits 


Game Resources